How to Choose the Social Platforms that Will Benefit Your Business

You can’t ignore social media for your digital marketing strategy. Proper use of social media gets you better online exposure, as well as all the tools you could need to build brand awareness, generate more traffic and leads and improve your understanding of your ideal customers.

However, you shouldn’t spread yourself too thin. Identifying the right social media to build a presence on, is crucial if you don’t want to overspend. Here’s how to choose the social platforms that will benefit your business and digital marketing strategy:

Know the Social Media Demographics

Being aware of the most critical social media related statistics is vital for determining where your target audience spends time. Since social networks are all about interaction, engaging your target audience is one of the benefits of using them. However, your efforts would be wasted on a predominantly female-oriented platform if you’re selling a product that targets men. Let’s have a look at some of the essential stats for major social media platforms:

  • Facebook — as of April 2018, Facebook stats show that the majority of Facebook users are male, with 16% in the 18-24 age group, and 18% in the 25-34 age group;
  • Instagram — as of April 2018, 16% of all Instagram users in the age group 18-24 are male, as opposed to 14.8% of female users in the same age group. Men and women in the 25-34 age group are equally active on Instagram, with 14.8% of users each;
  • Twitter — 24% of all Internet male users are on Twitter, as opposed to 21% of all female Internet users. 37% of all Twitter users are in the 18-29 age group, and 25% of users are in the 30-49 age group;
  • Youtube — only 8% of small businesses are on Youtube, whose two largest growing age groups are 35+ and 55+.
  • LinkedIn — 23% of internet adult population uses LinkedIn, with 39% of users being in the 30-49 age group and 30% in the 50-64 age group.

Find Your Ideal Channel

Once you’ve done sufficient research on the demographics of social media usage, you can determine which channels you are going to use. A lot will depend on your brand, product or service. For example, Facebook has many strengths if you plan to use its advertising platform. On the other hand, social networks like Instagram could be great for working with influencers in your niche. Finally, LinkedIn’s main strength is the ability to use the platform’s tools for lead generation, especially useful to B2B companies.

Don’t go overboard trying to use every single platform, and focus on those where you have the best chance of reaching your target audience.

As you can tell, there’s more to social media marketing than meets the eye. There are no shortcuts — you have to go through the relevant statistics to determine where to focus your efforts. At Wink Media, we can help you come up with a social media marketing strategy that will give you the most value for your money.

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