SmartService Pro Is Now ServiceHawk™

Wink Media, a web-based software company, today announced a major rebranding of its “SmartService Pro” product to reflect the company’s evolution into an all-encompassing, global marketing business.

Leigh Landeche, chief executive officer at Wink Media, said, “Service Providers have been facing a remarkable rise in complexity in recent years in marketing their companies. Our branding switch represents major upgrades to our digital marketing and web design platform.”

The ServiceHawk platform allows home service providers to gain a stronger internet presence with minimal effort by setting them up with a website backed with a user-friendly dashboard. The platform is easy to use, with tools to help members quickly edit their website from anywhere, even the jobsite. Home service businesses can easily update operating hours, place promotions on the front of your site, and even get online reviews from customers on-site.   

The launch of, and the ServiceHawk platform, allows for home service providers to have an all-in-one platform combining a custom website, local SEO services, and reputation management; Finally, a platform dedicated to home service providers,” noted Leigh Landeche, ServiceHawk creator and Founder of Wink Media. is first and foremost a place for home service providers to come and get a professional website for their business without large up-front fees. The goal is to give these businesses a dedicated platform that will help them generate new business and really establish their authority online for customers to see. ServiceHawk is a platform where home service businesses can pick the website plan that best suits their needs as either an emerging player or as a new face for more established brands. The platform has options for members to boost the visibility of their company online with Local SEO services and Reputation Management services that let businesses collect reviews and gain social proof online; all in the interest of driving in new customers to their business.   

“ members will love the ease-of-use that comes with the platform. Simple to understand, no over the top lingo, and directly made for their specific market, the ServiceHawk platform will become the tool responsible for new business and growth for your home service business,” says Leigh. 

The ServiceHawk platform is powered by custom technology created by Wink Media “”. Through the custom development arm of Wink Media, the R&D and technology behind this platform are the dissemination of high-cost investments, now made available specifically for home service businesses through The same level of custom-developed web technology to be expected from Wink Media, simplified into one easy-to-use website and web presence platform.

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