Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Do I own the website?

You own all of the unique content on the website, Ignite proprietary technology is non-transferrable and 3rd party plugins / theme frameworks would have to be re-licensed in the event that you wanted to move your website to it’s own WordPress installation – the process of which is definitely not a straightforward copy/paste process and we’ll elaborate a bit more – In the event that you wanted to discontinue your Ignite website and move to a separate WordPress installation:

  1. We will create a WordPress export file which would include all of your posts, pages, media, and menu structure
    2. We would export as much of your page’s layout/design and content as possible. (note: you will need to purchase your own licenses of any 3rd party tools that your site’s design uses – ex. xtheme/cornerstone, rev slider and ess. grid)

The cost of doing an external site transfer is determined on a per site basis. Our hourly rate to package up your site is $125/hr and in most cases should only take 2hrs to complete for a basic website.


Note: This is very important to mention – if you decide to move your site away from Ignite you will lose all of our proprietary tools and features that come with your site. Also as mentioned previously, 3rd party plugins and theme frameworks would have to be re-installed and in some cases re-licensed.


How much support do I get?

We offer unlimited email support, and we’ll help you with whatever you need!

The best way to take advantage of our fantastic support is by emailing support@myignitewebsite.com directly with your question or comment – our average response time is within a few hours and this will allow us to thoroughly investigate your request and consult with other team members if and when necessary.

Alternatively you can visit the Ignite homepage or support areas for live support from 9am-5pm CST.


Can I add my own plugins?

We manage our sites with specialized software, meaning that we manage all of your sites available plugins from one central control panel.

For this reason you cannot add your own plugins – however if you need to add some sort of real estate related feature, we can almost always accommodate – and in most cases this is a benefit of Ignite as we’ll generally have the best feature, or recommend the best way to accomplish what you’re looking to achieve within the site.


If you require the level of control where for example – you want to add a plugin that makes a pink butterfly move across the screen, Ignite may not be the best solution for you!



Are there any hidden fees?

There are most certainly no hidden fees.


When do the monthly fees start?

The monthly fee begins once your site is provisioned (meaning we start development) as that is when we provision space on our network and activate your theme, plugin, and OnBoard data licenses. This is factored into our pricing.




Do you have any promotions?

Occasionally we’ll run a promotion if we’re releasing new ‘add-on’ products, but we don’t believe in playing games and our Ignite Pro Complete package is priced as competitively as we can given all that’s included and our associated costs.


Are there any WordPress restrictions?

You won’t be able to access FTP, and you won’t have access to the plugins directory.


Just submit a ticket by emailing support@myignitewebsite.com and we’ll get you sorted!




What about site security?

We take your site’s security very seriously – below is everything we do to secure our network!


  1. We back maintain regular backups of our sites and all related data. We keep these backups both on our network for quick recovery, and “off-site” with a different provider in the event of a disaster. So, if our provider were to suddenly implode with no notice, we would at the very least still have all of the data so we could get back online elsewhere without losing any data.

2.We are a managed service, so no clients are able to upload via FTP or install their own plugins. All such requests have to go through Ignite support. Any additional plugins that may be requested are tested and vetted through senior support and DevOps staff to ensure that they do not compromise our network. This is done before such plugins come anywhere near live sites.

  1. All code that we write internally for our own plugins and frameworks is reviewed by at least one or two other developers before being considered for deployment on a live site.



Price to Upgrade from a Ignite Site to Fully-Custom?

If you purchased a Ignite Site and then determine at any point that you’d like to upgrade to a fully-custom website, we will issue a discount equivalent to 100% of the setup fee you paid for your Ignite Site To upgrade please write in to support@myignitewebsite.com.